horse power


Massey Ferguson 7619

Had a client that wanted a bit more hp out of his MF 7619 Dyna-6, dynoed tractor and it was producing 175 hp @ 1000 PTO rpm, after the remap we took the tractor to 211 hp @ 1000 PTO rpm. The client will be happy when he starts cultivation with an extra 36 hp....
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Remapping Tractors

May 26, 2022

Remapped Massey Ferguson 7485

Had a client that imported a seed drill from the UK. His Massey Ferguson 7485 was able to operate the drill in the flat paddocks but the sight of a hill just slowed the tractor down far to much. Before the remap the MF 7485 produced 170hp @1000PTO rpm, after the remap it pro...
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Brian Walker says:I have now owned and operated TEN Bobcats, I purchased the second Bobcat ever sold in New Zealand, back in the early 80's from memory.All great machines. Over the years they have grown hugely in size and power. Number nine machine was a Mustang 2109 with Pe...
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DPS have the ability to deal with your adblue problems and can also give your tractor more horse power and torque. ...
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