Testimonial from Brian Walker

Brian Walker says:

I have now owned and operated TEN Bobcats, I purchased the second Bobcat ever sold in New Zealand, back in the early 80's from memory.

All great machines. Over the years they have grown hugely in size and power. Number nine machine was a Mustang 2109 with Perkins four cylinder, 4.5litre turboed at 115hp. And it was excellent. Great performance and well balanced. I then traded the 2109 for a new Mustang 4000V. Almost identical but motor changed to 4.5litre turboed Cummins rated at 99.7hp ( derated for tax purposes in the USA - in my opinion a huge mistake).

It was a huge disappointment and I suffered it for two years then learned about Diesel Performance Solutions. Father and Son visited me and machine in Oxford and spent 27 minutes reading Mustang's computer. They returned two weeks later and after only 17 minutes again connected to machine's computer gave the Mustang a huge gain.

WOW what a different and "happier" machine. Now 130hp (they could have given me more if I had chosen to) with so much more grunt, fewer revs required AND - AND - uses 2 litres less diesel per hour. Where before it struggled when I really made it work it now just blows it's way through. Production is greater and easier. It is a real pleasure to work and a total show off machine. I have owned 40 plus diesels of varying sizes and over 200 cars so I do feel that perhaps I am qualified to know what is happening with my right foot.

Thank you DPS – you are very highly recommended.

Kindest – Brian.