We can re-map most of the following vehicles and machinery, depending on make or model, the key is if your vehicle has an electronic injection pump or common rail fuel system:

  • trucks
  • buses
  • tractors
  • agricultural vehicles, harvesters etc
  • cars
  • utes

No, not if the job is completed properly (which we guarantee to do).

Yes. If the technician doesn’t know what they are doing, they can:damage the vehicles engine control unit

  • cause the vehicle to go into “limp mode”
  • cause a dangerous “over-boost” in power
  • cause damage to expensive engine parts (including the drive-train)

For these reasons, we strongly recommend that you be very wary of cheap remapping solutions, plug-in products etc, especially those that are promoted online. These products are not a substitute for a comprehensive remapping carried out by an experienced, qualified remapping specialist.Our technicians are fully-qualified and experienced and we guarantee our results.


We guarantee the following:that you will achieve at least a 10% improvement in performance or fuel efficiency, otherwise we will re-map the vehicle until those improvements are achieved. If these improvements are still not achieved, we will refund your remapping fee in full.

We will re-map your new ECU at no extra cost to you, as long as you are still the owner. 
* Some conditions apply.  

We will re-map your new ECU at no extra cost to you, as long as you are still the owner.
* Some conditions apply.  

We are fully capable of remapping your vehicle on-site or at our own department. 

We are mindful of our clients need to get their vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible.

The actual writing/remapping in the vehicles does not take long. It is the technical background work and costs associated in developing the software that is time consuming. A re-map can be done same day service if we come to you.

Prices vary, depending on the vehicle involved.  We provide a fixed-price quote before commencing any job, thereby giving absolute confidence for our clients.  

We are happy to discuss a possible discount if you have a number of vehicles in need of remapping.

Our fee is due upon completion of the job. We may be able to offer terms for larger contracts.

We accept payment by cash or online payment. 

Subject to existing workloads, we would expect to be able to re-map your vehicle within 3-5 days.

Yes, we can re-map vehicles from anywhere around the country. We can provide a no-obligation quote upon enquiry.

Because we:

  • have over 17 years experience in vehicle remapping

  • develop our own software, specifically for NZ conditions

  • modify engine software in-house, ensuring you finish up with a high-quality, comprehensive remap.

  • partner with remapping companies in Australia and Europe, giving us extra experience and expertise to call on

  • travel to you, saving you time and inconvenience

  • guarantee our workmanship and results

 Yes. The reasons for this are reasonably complex and technical but please feel free to call us to find out more.

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