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"We are absolutely wrapped. The amazing thing is we are now having more power – for less diesel"

Kevin Hermansen,
Hermansen Contracting Ltd

" I run large tractors, built out of Germany – 300 horse power. Since remapping it's made the business a lot more efficient in terms of covering the ground quicker – they've increased horse power & torque by 30%

John Wilson,
JP Conracting

"We're seeing excellent fuel economy & the fuel performance is just beyond what you could normally expect – I couldn't recommend them more highly.

Matt Latham,
Waratah North

"Thank you for the re-map – it's helped a lot to drive these big tyres, I'm really happy with it."

"They've given it more power than what we had before so we could get back out in the paddock working, having that extra power."

Remapping John Deere

"It's really transformed this tractor, the economy has increased & it's given us a lot more power. Mark is honest & reliable, dong what he says he will. I recommend Mark & DPS for any services you want to do

JK Construction

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