More from our clients

“We are absolutely wrapped. The amazing thing is we are now having more power – for less diesel”

Kevin Hermansen,
Hermansen Contracting Ltd

“I run large tractors, built out of Germany – 300 horse power. Since remapping it's made the business a lot more efficient in terms of covering the ground quicker – they've increased horse power & torque by 30%.”

John Wilson,
JP Conracting

“As the Americans say There ain't no substitute for horsepower so I got the guys at DPS to tweak [the ute]... their remap gave to that extra sharp edge & thought – Wow! there goes my fuel economy. After the remap I got the same distance but with increased power. Got to Cromwell, loaded it up... and the thing absolutely hauls. Absolutely stoked with the performance, the fuel efficiency so can highly recommend the guys at DPS.

Flares Fires

“I hesitated a bit thinking about overloading the gearbox & the transfer case but I gave it a go & it's been the best thing I've ever done. Saved me time, I'm using 40 litres less fuel & the performance in the paddock is far better. When I got stuck the other day, normally I'd have to get a tractor... put her into a high gear – & she just popped out. So thanks again to DPS, I should have done this sooner.”

Chris King

“We've just done a remap on a Case Maxxum 125... so we found out that the tractor was only producing 118 horsepower, & then it was only producing 145 at maximum boost... we've disabled the boost so that it's running on full boost all the time, which means on our front PTO with mowing work, we're continuously producing 165 horsepower, which we couldn't do before.”

Highgate Farms

“It's really transformed this tractor, the economy has increased & it's given us a lot more power. Mark is honest & reliable, doing what he says he will. I recommend Mark & DPS for any services you want to do.”

JK Construction

“Found the guys real super-easy to deal with, both Mark and Robert, super professional. This is one of the few places in Hawkes Bay that has a dyno so we'll get the tune done right.”

Adam Gordon,
DMax Ute

“I've just had DPS upgrade my truck, saving me around 60-70 litres a day compared to what it used to. So high thumbs up.”

FigJam Transport

“This is the second tractor Mark's done for us. First one – absolutely magnificent. Just gives us that extra boost on the hills, not holding up too much traffic...Thanks Mark.”

Jeff Berkett

“Here we have a Class CM 420. Customer was complaining it was a bit sluggish so we put him on to Mark at DPS & he's given it another 20-25 horsepower, so customer's gonna be absolutely stoked with this.”

Claas 420

“Getting my tractor remapped, we've had other tractors remapped in the past with brilliant results... I highly recommend DPS.”

Andy Bassett

“Just had Mark from DPS here remapping my tractor & giving me an extra 40 horsepower.”