ECU chipping problems

Remapping/ECU Chipping must be done right

DPS have been coming across a number of poor products and poor remaps lately, by other tuning companies. It is important that your remap, EGR delete and adblue delete is done properly with good safe gains. 

DPS always aims give you a great product with excellent back up service. That is why DPS develops and tests its products in house before releasing the upgrade.

This particular customer was not happy with the plug in unit he was supplied. DPS remapped his truck and now is very happy with how it pulls smoothly right through the rev range. 

Check out the graph of a tractor that has had a plug on unit compared (overlaid) to its standard tune. Often plug in units will not give you good safe power so it is important that the job is done right. In every case plug in units will not monitor or limit boost mode function which is in most tractors. Talk to one of our agents for more info.