Remap your ECU for improved business performance

In business, no one wants to throw away money. If you’re wondering how you can get more from the dollars you’re investing, you’ve come to the right place. An ECU (Engine Control Unit) remap can not only improve your efficiency; it can increase your performance too.

Does your business rely on engine power?

For many operations, getting the best performance from your engine is vital. If your business is based on the road or in the field, in road haulage or in farming, it’s likely that you’re depending on your machines to deliver.

Don’t let standard settings hold you back

The challenge is that your engine comes programmed with a standard manufacturer’s setting. These settings are calibrated based on average conditions and average fuel quality. So if your reality varies in any way from the average, your engine won’t be giving you its best. Added to that, the same engine and drive train are used across several models with only the software different (and the stickers on the bonnet of course).

We can deliver greater efficiency

An Engine Control Unit remap by Diesel Performance Solutions is your chance to personalise your engine settings. We make sure that all the variable settings are matched to the environment you’re working in. The result is your engine has increased torque, better performance, and overall better efficiency. All of these contribute to an increased engine life because your ECU is matched to the conditions you’re operating in.

No need to stop at one remap

Chris Burnell, National Manager, says “We have customers from a huge range of industries and every day is different because of the wide variety of engines we remap. It’s pretty common for us to do more than one remap for the same client as once they’ve experienced the benefits for one engine they usually want the same for the whole fleet.”

Sign up for a more powerful engine today

If you’re interested in increasing the power of your engine, without having to increase the amount it costs to run, call Diesel Performance Solutions today. On average we can deliver 20-30% more power for road vehicles and 25-35% more power for agricultural vehicles*. 
*Results for Agricultural vehicles can differ greatly between engine types. Contact your local DPS agentto get full info on what we could deliver for your engine.
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