Thinking about a remap? There’s never been a better time.

If your engine is essential to your business then you may be cautious when it comes to considering a remap. It’s not uncommon to think it’s easier, and safer, to just leave your engine as it is.

A remap involves updating the software that controls your engine. You may be reluctant to let anyone change the settings if the results aren’t guaranteed.

The good news is that with Diesel Performance Solutions the results are guaranteed. Not only can you rely on our technical expertise and great service. We also guarantee that you will enjoy a minimum of 10% improvement in fuel efficiency or performance, or we’ll keep remapping your vehicle until we achieve it. With performance guaranteed - what’s holding you back?

We caught up with one of our recent remap customers to ask them what they think about their remap. Chris King was unsure whether to remap his truck - it’s essential to his business, King’s Spreaders, and he relies on being able to contract his services out to Stephenson Transport in Waipawa, Hastings.
“I had DPS remap my truck and the performance has been better than I expected. I hesitated a bit because I was worried about overloading the gearbox and the transfer case, but I gave it a go and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Like many truck drivers, Chris relies on the power of his engine to help him get to his destination on time. It’s also important that he manages his fuel consumption to make sure his business is as profitable as possible. The good news is that the remap performed by DPS has ticked all the boxes in terms of getting him the performance he needs.

“It’s cut 20 minutes off my journey time and I’m using 40 litres less fuel. And the performance in the paddock is far better. When I got stuck the other day thinking normally I’d need to get a tractor. Just backing myself up and down, digging myself in a bit further to get a bit more room: put her in a higher gear and she just popped out.”

Chris is definitely enjoying the combination of more power and less fuel consumption. It’s a partnership that’s bound to pay off for his business going forward. We asked Chris if he has any regrets or if there’s anything he would have changed about the remapping process. His response? “I would have done this sooner.”

Don’t put off your remap, you could be enjoying the benefits sooner than you imagine. Just contact your nearest agent today and find out what Diesel Performance Solutions can achieve for you.