More power for your tractor

A tractor is a vital piece of equipment for getting the job done. If you use a tractor on your farm or in your contracting business, you will understand the importance of keeping it running and getting the most from its performance.

Understanding the factory settings

Whether you buy your tractor new or get it secondhand, its engine will come preprogrammed with factory settings. The Engine Control Unit in your tractor is programmed by the manufacturer so your tractor can perform effectively across a wide range of conditions and tasks. 
Unfortunately, programming the ECU for all conditions means setting it to an ‘average’ so it can work in any environment. Not many people live in ‘average’ conditions. That means your ECU isn’t optimised to your working environment.
Factory settings may not seem to affect the performance of your tractor, but the reality is they are. While your tractor is not optimised for your situation it will be slower, less powerful and potentially less fuel efficient.
A good comparison would be a marathon runner, trying to run a race in a normal pair of shoes. He’ll complete the race but not having the right shoes will slow him down. The runner has to work harder to keep up his speed, and risks damage to his feet and impacting his overall performance.
Getting the most from your tractor with an ECU remap is like giving a marathon runner a good pair of sports shoes that fit. The result is more power, better performance, and the ability to go further for longer without damage or negative side effects.

What is an ECU remap?

An ECU remap is when a technician reprogrammes your ECU to reflect the environment you’re working in and how you use your tractor. Each remap is specific to the make and model of the tractor and the requirements of the owner.

What would you do with more tractor power?

Changing the ECU of your tractor from general settings to settings that are specific to your environment optimises the performance. The result is more power, increased torque and you can also often benefit from increased fuel efficiency.
Increasing the power and torque of your tractor means you can get the job done faster. Whether you’re cutting your journey time from A to B or increasing the weight of the load you can pull: a remap of your ECU will save you time. Less time, more efficient: an ECU remap saves your business money.

Could you do more with less?

Every farmer recognises the importance of reducing your impact on the land as you’re carrying out day to day tasks. By adding more power to your tractor it’s possible to achieve more with a smaller model. 
In some cases this may present an opportunity to do a more diverse range of tasks with one tractor. In other cases it may be possible to invest in a smaller tractor and get it remapped to achieve the same as a larger model.

Reprogrammed to last

A tractor that has been reprogrammed to suit its environment doesn’t need to work as hard to achieve the same results. That means that you don’t just benefit in the power that you will enjoy out in the field, you also benefit from a longer engine life and a better return on your investment.

It all adds up

The combination of saving time and saving money means that an ECU remap is a great way to get more power for your tractor. If you want to get more detail around the results you could expect, take a look at the Diesel Performance Solutions website and check out the results we’ve achieved so far.
Our website also has lots of testimonials from customers who are enjoying the benefits that come with increased power, torque and fuel efficiency. If you’re keen to find out what a tractor remap could achieve for you, contact your nearest agent today. Remember to ask them about our remap guarantee!