Missing Tractor Power?

Don’t let your tractor boost get between you and the job you need to do.

If you own a tractor that has a boost mode, you may be feeling short on power. The good news is that Diesel Performance Solutions can help. We regularly help tractor owners access HP when their tractor’s boost function is keeping the power that they need out of reach. 

Does your tractor have a boost mode?

A tractor’s boost mode is designed to give you access to extra power in the situations where you need it. Normally this is when you’re out on the open road, or if you’re using the shaft on the back of your tractor to power a mobile implement. In these cases your boost will kick in and you’ll enjoy the benefit of some extra horsepower to get the job done.

Is the boost mode working for you?

Unfortunately not all tractors make it clear when the boost mode is active. So you may be in the dark as to when and why your tractor boost kicks in. That might leave you feeling like the extra horsepower you thought you were buying is a little bit hard to get hold of.
In the worst case scenario you may not even have realised your tractor has a boost mode. There’s nothing quite as disappointing as finding that the 20+ extra HP that you were buying are only available in certain conditions – especially if they don’t apply to how you use your machine.
Diesel Performance Solutions can help.

Our team has a lot of experience working on and with tractors. That’s just one of the reasons we’re experts at helping you get the most from your engine. If you’ve discovered that the HP you need is locked into your boost function, we can help.

How do you use your tractor?

Our first step will be to talk to you about how you use your tractor. We know that no two farms are the same so it’s important that we understand exactly where and when you need the power - and how much you’re looking for.

Remapping without affecting the boost mode.

If you’re looking for more power across the board, that’s what we can give you. We won’t push your engine into an area where it could be negatively impacted, but in most cases we can access extra horsepower to make it easier for you to get the job done.
If you found your boost mode never kicked in before or you just need the same power in all situations we may suggest to you to just leave the boost alone. Because we’d be bringing up your day-to-day HP to the same level as your boost that means we’re effectively removing the boost/making it permanent. Either way you can benefit from access to the horsepower you need to get the job done.

Remapping and keeping the boost mode.

If you’re still looking for more power on the open road or you’re using the shaft out the back of your tractor; we can work to increase the power on your boost mode too. Remapping your tractor in both modes means you can access more HP all the time and still enjoy that extra boost when certain jobs need to be done.

Remapping you can rely on.

Whatever solution is right for you, you can rely on Diesel Performance Solutions to look after your needs. We remap to help you enjoy the best of what your engine is capable of, but we’ll never push it beyond its limits. It takes expertise and experience to know what your engine can achieve and that’s what DPS brings to the job.

Get in touch and enjoy more power

If your tractor boost is getting between you and the power you purchased, call your nearest Diesel Performance Solutions agent today. We’re located across New Zealand and we’re ready to take your call. 
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