What should I expect when I have an engine remap?

If you operate farm machinery then the chances are you’ve heard about an engine remap. You might have been directly approached by someone offering the service, or perhaps your mate’s been telling you how great it’s been for his tractor. 

Whichever way you’ve become aware of remaps, you may feel you need a bit more information before you can decide if it’s right for you. Here’s a quick look at what an engine remap is, what you get from it, and how it could work for you.

Want to talk to someone direct about remapping your engine? 

Our agents are based throughout New Zealand and can help you understand the improvements you could see. Contact your nearest Diesel Performance Solutions agent today.

What does a remap do?

An engine remap updates the files in your engine’s computer (ECU) that tell your engine how to perform. A remap can be used to increase the power, torque and/or fuel efficiency of your engine. It’s a cost effective way to get access to more power without having to upgrade to a bigger engine.

How does your engine control unit work?

The engine control unit is the computer that tells your engine how to perform. When you buy a new tractor in New Zealand, or any other country, the engine control unit is programmed to generic factory settings. These settings are created by the manufacturer. 
The manufacturer chooses a general setting because your engine could be going to work for any farm across New Zealand. Every farm is different - with different soil; climate; hills and flats; and different jobs to get done. In order to make your new tractor work in all those environments, the engine is set to a middle ground level of performance - a one-size fits all setting.

How does a remap improve your farm equipment performance?

Like any tool, fine tuning your engine to your needs is going to make it more effective. That’s what an engine remap from Diesel Performance Solutions does. 
Wherever you are in NZ, your local DPS agent comes to you and asks you what you need from your engine. They take the time to find out how you use your machine and what conditions you use it in. Then they feed all that information back to our technical team who create, develop and test all of our Diesel Performance Solutions remap files in house.
Our technical team review your engine’s settings and identify the adjustments that need to be made to your engine’s computer.  They create and send a file to your DPS Agent which is then loaded into your engine control unit (ECU).
Once your software has been updated, you will enjoy more power and improved torque from your engine. Our agent effectively matches the programming of your engine to the job you need to do.

Is an engine remap the right solution for you?

Diesel Performance Solutions have built up a reputation for making smart, effective changes to the ECUs of our customers. That means a remap may not be for you if you’re wanting more power than your engine can deliver.
We’re always careful to only give our customers power and torque that’s within the limits of what the engine can produce. Your machine is a valuable piece of kit and an important part of your business. Our job is both to give you more performance from it, but also to help you preserve the life of your engine.
Delivered properly, a remap matches your engine to your environment, making it easier for it to give you the power you need. If you need more power than a remap can deliver it might mean you need to invest in a bigger piece of kit. Why not call one of our agents today and find out what’s possible?

What a remap can deliver

If you want to get more power from an existing piece of machinery, a good starting point is to call a Diesel Performance Solutions agent. You can find out what kind of power and torque you can get from an engine of your size, and quickly work out if a remap will deliver what you’re looking for.

Still need more information about remap results?

Visit the results pages on our website and take a look at the before and after results we’ve achieved for our customers. The combination of power, torque and fuel efficiency could make a big difference to your bottom line. Explore the graphs and give us a callwhen you’re ready to book in your remap.