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Pritchard Contracting MF 7485

I know this is one year on but I just want to say thanks
to the DPS team. One year ago I did some research on what was available and wasimpressed with what you (Diesel Performance Solutions) offered. What a greatresult for my Massey’s. The process was simple giving them both another 40 hpeach. A 20% improvement in power and torque. Having the dyno was great to seeexactly what I was getting. Effectively you have given me $80,000 dollars of hpfor a fraction of that cost. We are also saving approximately 2 litres per hr in fuel.This is great saving for us all round. Your service was great and I am happy tohighly recommend you.
Thanks again
Rhys Pritchard
Pritchard Contracting.

Mitsubishi Shogun Palmerston North

I had approachedMark from DPS and inquired about gaining some more horse power out of my truck.Mark informed me of DPS being at the up coming CD Field days and sent me somefree entry tickets. When talking with Mark and the DPS team they were veryprofessional and answered all my questions. My Mitsubishi Shogun 430 is a goodtruck. It did lack the torque when hitting the hills and it needed some moredepth to it. A week after thefield days Mark arrived at my depot an carried out a Remap on my Mitsubishi. Onmy regular routes I would drop down to my low box approximately 4 times. I nowdon’t go down to my low box at all. The torque is there to handle it. It hasbetter response and pulling power, especially on the hills. Not only that I amknocking off nearly hour from my trips and have gained a 14% better fueleconomy. I’m really pleased with the result and would have no hesitation inrecommending the DPS team.

Chris Russell
Mitsubishi Shogun 430
Palmerston North

Eastlite Carriers

John Baker
Eastlite Carriers

I received in the mail a letter from DPS explaining a little about engine remapping. Mark followed it up with a phone call. I had already been considering the idea of engine remapping as well. Mark meet with us and explained more about engine remapping  and satisfied our questions. Mark then carried out a remap on my Scania 124 470. After giving it another 50 horsepower we are not having to drop down to our low box on the Gisborne to Napier run. That is a huge difference. Even though we did not carry out any fuel economy tests before hand I am confident that we have improved it’s economy.

We also have remapped our Volvo FM12  420. It now has plenty of power towing a trailer up the hilly and uneven coast road and the fuel economy has greatly improved. We are now averaging 20-30% fuel improvement. We would normally do about 1.7 kms to the litre, after the remap we now do about 2.2 kms to the litre.

Mark was very professional in all he did. Mark worked with us and our schedules. He made sure that the work was done in between its runs. So no down time for us. We are very happy with the result and will continue to work with the DPS team in the future.

Testimonial - Peter, Hino 700

Did you get the performance you were expecting?
Yes. We now have better low down torque and it doesn’t die on the big hills. On our regular routes we were dropping down to 3rd low on the bigger hills, now we only drop down to 1st high. Not only that we find it easier to drive, there’s no argument it’s a better truck.

I take it you are now saving on Diesel too?
Yes we are saving now 10-15% on fuel.

Were you happy with the service of DPS?
Good, very happy.


What trucks have you had remapped?
Mitsubishi Fuso’s, Hino 700 series
Why did you want to remap your trucks?
Mainly for the purpose of power. We needed betterperformance from them
Did the remap meet your expectations?
Yes the remaps are very good. I would have no hesitationin doing more. We will continue to do them as we need them. We have evenimproved our fuel economy. We carried out a comparison of before and after aremap on our Mitsubishi’s and found that before  the remap we were doing1.4 Kms to 1 litre, now we are doing 1.7 Kms to 1 litre. A 21% improvement infuel economy. 
J. Swap

Testimonial - Brian, Waikato

What power gains did you notice?

“I was using our John Deere™ 7530 with an 11-row maize planter.  But our existing re-mapped John Deere™ 6920, out-performed our standard 7530 in the field with greater speed, power and fuel efficiency.  I was so impressed with the improvements that I had our 7530 re-mapped too!”

After your remap what sort of economy improvements did you notice?

“We have achieved tremendous fuel savings after re-mapping our various contracting machinery.  For example, our forage harvester is now using five litres less fuel per hectare.  That’s a massive 12% improvement which should save us over $5’600............. per year – all with increased performance, which allows us to get the job done faster.”

Would you use DPS again?

“We’re very impressed with the standard of workmanship and the professionalism shown by the DPS team.  We recommend them highly and will use them for all our future re-mapping needs.”

K Simpson JD 6930

Kirk Simpson

John Deere™ 6930 Premium

I remapped my 6930 because I needed more power for the work I do. I was looking at buying a 7930 but I didn’t like the bigger frame tractor. The smaller frame of the 6930 was better for the hill work I do, it is more nimble.

For me, remapping is a very cost effective way of gaining more torque and power. After talking to a few guys who have had their tractors remapped, I then had no hesitation in mapping my tractor.

Now that it has been remapped I don’t need to have the RPM at full noise. I have dropped my RPM by around 200 revs and been able to use a higher gear because of the torque. I have gone from using 37 litres per hour to 32 litres. That saves me around $70 to $80 a day in fuel costs, which adds up over the course of a year.

I am now working around 2.6 hectares an hour – which is an increase of around 30% productivity.

I expect to recoup my entire investment in just couple of months.

We used to hire an extra tractor to get all our work done on time.  But this isn’t necessary now as we have increased our ground speed significantly with my “transformed” tractor.  And best of all, the cost of re-mapping it was only a fraction of the cost of upgrading it.

The whole remapping process was completed by DPS in an extremely professional way, with a high level of service.  Each question was answered thoroughly, and their service was backed up with good product knowledge. It gave me full confidence in the work that DPS do. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any other person interested in remapping.

Gus Thompson, Isuzu Gigga

I had been thinking about remapping my Isuzu 400 truck as this relatively new means of performance enhancing seems to be the way of the future. I have a good truck with low Kms, it just needed a little more power.

Mark from Diesel performance Solutions approached me and answered all my questions about remapping and with the expected gains in power (60 hrs/pwr) combined with relatively low cost involved seemed to be a good choice.

Mark and the DPS team mapped my truck then and there. The level of service and professionalism was excellent. I was then left to try out my mapped truck.

Fully loaded, my truck now pulls out of the quarry with better low down torque. It has far better pulling power throughout the rev range, it is an outright better truck. I have not kept a close eye on fuel usage, but I do not believe I am using more fuel, it just seems to be performing so much more efficiently.

I would not hesitate recommending them to anyone.

Gus Thompson

Ford Ranger 3.2

I purchased a new Ford Ranger 8 months ago and was very happy with it.

I had heard about remapping from a friend of mine and he put me on to John from Diesel Performance Solutions who has a Ranger which he had already remapped.

After taking Johns ute for a drive, I was so impressed with the improvement in the performance of it that it didn't take long before John was waving his horsepower stick at mine.

The remapping has totally transformed my ute. I tow some pretty heavy loads at times and it has not only given it a lot more pickup and pulling power, but has improved the fuel consumption by approximately 15%. I have never been known to get good fuel economy out of any of my vehicles but a recent trip to the Waikato achieved an average of 6.8 litres per 100 kms!

It is a much more enjoyable ute to drive now, passing is a lot easier and the increased pulling power is very noticeable.

I am very pleased with the upgrade and would highly recommend it to anybody who has a diesel vehicle.


Louie Berkers,

Full Noise Auto Restorations,


Dannevirke Carriers

We have had anumber of our Mitsubishi Trucks remapped for a few years now. We have never hada problem and we are always impressed with the result. Ours trucks perform alot better after the remap which makes them ever better to drive. Our trips arequicker, we don’t have to use the low box as much and best of all we improveour fuel economy.  Our trucks would normally do 1.45 – 1.5 kms tothe litre. After the remap they do 1.65 – 1.8 Kms. A 20% improvement! Mark and the DPSTeam work around our time schedule, which makes the simple process of remappingeven easier.  I would have nohesitation in recommending the DPS team and I am confident you would be happywith the result.

Dannevirke Carriers Ltd
Hawkes Bay

Clients tractor in Manawatu

It's been over a year since DPS remapped my tractors. My JD 6530 and a JD 6920. Wow whatan improvement! They are now so responsive. I'm now using less fuel per hectareand I'm getting my work done quicker. I have the power of a biggertractor, which has saved me a lot of money. What a great product and service.
Thanks DPS.
Matt Collis

What is remapping?

ECU remapping is basically fine- tuning your vehicle's software, giving you more torque, power, better fuel economy and improved performance.

ECUs aremanufactured conservatively to account for different factors such as climate, fuel quality and emission standards. ECU remapping will optimise your vehicle's performance.

DPS's research and development team, based in Waikato, not only develop its own software for New Zealand vehicles, it also has strong connections with Australia and Europe. This strengthens DPS's experience and knowledge in ECU remapping.

Gains can be increased from 20 – 35 per cent BHP (brake horsepower), depending on your vehicle. A tractor alone may gain an additional 60 HP increase – more so on other vehicles, e.g harvesters.

DPS's passion and speciality is remapping ECUs in agricultural and commercial vehicles. However, their depth and support easily lends itself to catering for all your
remapping needs, including commercial vehicles, trucks, buses and private cars.

DPS is committed to providing both an excellent product and outstanding customer service.

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