Better Fuel Economy and more Kw Ford Ranger

Happy with the remap, Ford Ranger 3.2

I purchased a new Ford Ranger 8 months ago and was very happy with it.

I had heard about remapping from a friend of mine and he put me on to John from Diesel Performance Solutions who has a Ranger which he had already remapped.

After taking Johns ute for a drive, I was so impressed with the improvement in the performance of it that it didn't take long before John was waving his horsepower stick at mine.

The remapping has totally transformed my ute. I tow some pretty heavy loads at times and it has not only given it a lot more pickup and pulling power, but has improved the fuel consumption by approximately 15%. I have never been known to get good fuel economy out of any of my vehicles but a recent trip to the Waikato achieved an average of 6.8 litres per 100 kms!

It is a much more enjoyable ute to drive now, passing is a lot easier and the increased pulling power is very noticeable.

I am very pleased with the upgrade and would highly recommend it to anybody who has a diesel vehicle.


Louie Berkers,

Full Noise Auto Restorations,



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